The Difficult Conversations Success Blueprint



INTRODUCING: The Relationship Success Blueprint

A 6-Step Training You Can Use To Prepare to Have Effective Difficult Conversations and Build Stronger Relationships With the People You Love the Most. 


We all want to be successful at the difficult conversations in our personal lives.  

Whether dealing with an unruly teen, ending a relationship with a partner, discussing problems about intimacy, confronting a loved one about a chemical abuse problem, or settling long standing tensions in your marriage, we attempt difficult conversations every day.  

Yet in today’s fast past culture, we are constantly pressured to act first—plan later.  

Many of us have adapted to that mind-set. We navigate through our personal lives with the confidence that we will have the answers when we need them.  

That simply is not true.  

Without preparation, the difficult conversations in your life will go off track. You will either avoid them all together or make things worse– sometimes a lot worse– when you step up to the plate and have them.  

The core ability of being effective in the art of difficult conversations is vital to any successful relationship with a spouse, partner, child, or even a roommate.  

However, let's imagine that you've prepared for a critical conversation– maybe you've even rehearsed and feel like its going to go well. Does that mean you'll succeed? The truth of the matter is you can still really make a mess because, despite what people say, practice doesn't make perfect; good, effective, principled practice makes perfect.  

The principles in our "Difficult Conversations Success Blueprint" digital training are rooted in over 24 years of battle tested, hard-fought experience.  

This isn’t theory. This training will transform the actual conversations you have with those closest to you.  

If you want the results of genuine breakthrough in difficult conversations—results that promote mutual understanding, respect, and greater intimacy there are SIX steps layed out in our "Difficult Conversations Success Blueprint" digital training that will get you there. 

We'll walk you through each step, prepare you for your next critical conversation, and you'll see real positive change in the relationships that matter the most.

What Is "The Difficult Conversations Success Blueprint?"

Our "Difficult Conversations Success Blueprint" digital training focuses on a 6-Step process to confidently face your next critical conversation—and it's guaranteed to work in real life. In our training you will learn how to:  

1. Breakdown difficult conversations into three manageable stages and learn how to prepare for each stage. We will walk you through a very specific, proven six-step difficult conversation checklist that will get you ready for navigating challenging conversations in any situation.

2. Build successful relationships with your partner, spouse, children, and those closest to you. We will show you how to plan for successful conversations in advance by preparing an environment that invites the other person’s thoughts, perspectives (and even contrary ideas) to the table.

3. Confront others with confidence, care, and tact. By using our Difficult Conversations Success Worksheet, you will get to the bottom of what is actually happening in a conversation much faster—uncover the real issues derailing your conversations. 

4. Give and receive feedback without being abrasive or defensive. We’ll teach you how to bring reflective listening into the conversation, as well as helpful keys for managing your own perspective and emotions.  

5. Create an environment that is safe for you and others. We’ll teach you how to focus on what you can control, stay solutions oriented, and solve the problem at hand instead of resorting to blaming others.  

6. Be valued in your work and personal life for better decision making, productivity, and win-win relationships. You will receive time-tested preprations strategies refined over decades, delivered in a no fluff training—and they are immediately applicable.

What's Inside The Difficult Conversations Success Blueprint? 

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Before the Conversation

During the Conversation

After the Conversation

Before the Conversation

Learn the best way to start any difficult conversation. 

Discover how to pick the best time, place and frame for the conversation.  

Find out what type of conflict you are preparing for (and what you should do to address it).  

Get our top tips for getting to the core of any difficult conversation (enabling you to remove the obstacles and promote a healthy process). 

During the Conversation

Discover how to build an environment that invites the other person’s thoughts, perspectives (and even contrary ideas) to the table.  

Learn how to bring reflective listening into the conversation, even if the other party does not reciprocate.  

Uncover the keys to managing your own perspective, insecurities, and emotions (so you can have those high stake—highly emotional conversations with family, bosses, and colleagues).  

You’ll also learn helpful phrases for building win-win dialogue and the secret to keeping the conversation on track. 

After the Conversation

Discover how to drive a conversation to potential solutions and successful resolutions time and time again.  

Learn how to make a mutually agreed upon plan for moving forward (discussing the key questions of WHO will do WHAT by WHEN).  

Finally, you’ll also be given the tools for documenting accountability, forward moving communication and follow-up actions that both parties can agree to. 

What's included?

A 12-part video training teaching you how to prepare for your next critical conversation.

A corresponding 5 page guide that walks you through the exact steps to effectively prepare for your next difficult conversation.

Tips and advice on exactly what to say and exactly how to prepare and what to say during the most important parts of the conversation so that you leave the conversation with a “win win” for both parties involved.

A game plan for how to follow up effectively on hard conversations.


In 12 easily digstible videos you will fill out a 6-step worksheet and be prepared to navigate your next challenging conversation. You can use the worksheet again and again to prepare for any difficult conversation.

You'll have a concrete tool you can use to confront others with confidence, care, and tact. By using the ONE KEY needed in preparation, you will get to the bottom of what is really happening in a conversation much faster and uncover the real issues derailing your conversations.

You'll be ready to have an effective conversation, even a difficult one, that works in real life.


Q: What Is "The Difficult Conversations Success Blueprint" digital training?

A: It's not quite a course and it's definitely not just a basic difficult conversations checklist… 

…"The Difficult Conversations Success Blueprint" digital training is more like a “preparation for difficult conversations on steroids!”  

Here's how it works:  

In the last 24+ years I have helped transform businesses and top 5 accounting firms to become more effective at difficult conversations. 

Along the way I have perfected a large number of strategies and tactics. More importantly, like any good consultant, I have DOCUMENTED each strategy in a step-by-step "Blueprint" so that difficult conversation best practices and preparation steps could be repeated and rolled out across any business or home.

They're all meat and no fluff. If you want backstory and theory, go read a blog post. This "Difficult Conversations Success Blueprint" is all about taking action and getting results as quickly and easily as possible. 

 Q: Is there a guarantee?  

Yes…all our trainings have a 60-day, no-questions-asked guarantee.  

In other words, if you aren’t happy for any reason, just let us know and we’ll give you your money back. We obviously don’t think it’ll come to that, but if you're even the least bit worried if this will work for you, then put your mind at ease.  

You either get the results you want or you get your money back. It’s as simple as that!  

Q: When will have access?  

A: Immediately.  

Your login and access information will be sent to the email address you provide, and there will be a video on the next page that explains how you can access the guide inside of our Execution Plan Library.

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“John literally changed the trajectory of my life and career track, helping me be a better leader, manager, teammate, and even a better husband and father! The importance of learning how to manage my heart and not shy away from difficult conversations has had an impact on me that literally can’t be overestimated.”

Brian Gates, President, Top Grade Construction

“John’s sessions were incredibly impactful to me. He helped me professionally and also personally, so that my relationships have been dramatically transformed. His proven strategies were dynamic and principled and I have seen tangible results from implementing them in my life and business.”

Anthony Clervi, President, UNA Purchasing Solutions

JOHN CHISHOLM Founder, Ember Learning, LLC 

For 24+ years, John has transformed businesses and top 5 accounting firms to become more effective at difficult conversations. John is passionate to see individuals and teams at seemingly impossible impasses gain the incredible breakthroughs that have time and again transformed and propelled them to the next level of success.