How to Handle Difficult Personalities

Want to become more effective in the difficult conversations in your life? Sometimes our conversations don’t play out that well, run off the rails, and people leave feeling demoralized or belittled. We know what it’s like to walk away from a conversation that we are still carrying hours, days, or even years later. That is why we’ve created this FREE resource entitled 15 Ways to Turn Hard Conversations into Win-Win Dialogue  It will help you start to navigate even the most challenging discussions. Click here to download the guide now!

How to Handle Difficult Personalities

Have you ever had a difficult person in your life that you HAD to work with?

Maybe you are picturing a neighbor, a coworker, even a relative? We have ALL had people in our lives that we don’t like relating to.

This week at Ember, we share four key attributes that make people difficult to work with. Recognizing these key attributes will not only help you diagnose where relationships are going wrong—it will help you build the skills to work through those attributes effectively.

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Boundary Breakers

Strong Leaders

Easily Shut Down

Low EQ

A Word of Caution & Next Steps


These are just a few insights that will help you navigate those critical conversations in your life and career, but there’s so much more.

There are powerful tools that can really help you become more effective, and we at Ember Learning are here to help. With over 25 years of professional consulting in top businesses around the country, we want to share some of our top insights with you.

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