Why Winning a Difficult Conversation is the Doorway to Losing the Relationship (Part Two)

Want to become more effective in the difficult conversations in your life? Sometimes our conversations don’t play out that well, run off the rails, and people leave feeling demoralized or belittled. We know what it’s like to walk away from a conversation that we are still carrying hours, days, or even years later. That is why we’ve created this FREE resource entitled 15 Ways to Turn Hard Conversations into Win-Win Dialogue  It will help you start to navigate even the most challenging discussions. Click here to download the guide now!

Tips For Having Difficult Conversations

In part one of this series, we discussed why it’s critical to change the goal of having the difficult conversation away from “winning” an argument. Difficult conversations are for strengthening the relationship with the other party. But how do we know if we’ve actually done that? We may believe we have strengthened the relationship, but there are key behaviors that will show us if we are learning to become more effective… or still operating out of the wrong paradigm. Learn more tips for having difficult conversations in the video below.

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