Why Conflict is Good for Relationships

Why Conflict is Good for Relationships

Disagreeing with someone you are in a relationship with is normal.

Although it is sometimes uncomfortable, processing through those disagreements can be a turning point for most couples.  In this short video series, gain a better understanding of why healthy conflict is good for relationships.


Healthy relationships are built upon the foundation of intimacy. In this short video find out why conflict is a tool needed to develop more intimate personal relationships.

Security & Significance

All of us are hard-wired to need significance and security. It is natural to want to feel accepted and safe. In fact, we need that to thrive.

Watch the video below to learn why difficult conversations are important to building security and significance in a relationship.

Versus the Alternative

Dealing with conflict may be hard, but it far outweighs the alternative. In this video, learn the very real consequences of avoiding conflict and disagreements in a relationship.

My Personal Story

In this video, John shares a personal, yet relatable, story of how dealing with conflict in a healthy way dramatically shifted the course of his marriage.

A Challenge

You are not alone in the tension of difficult conversations. Watch this video to hear John’s closing thoughts and encouragement on why conflict is good for relationships.

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