Difficult Conversations

Need help with difficult conversations? Ember Learning exists to help you master critical conversations and turn them into win-win dialogue. How many important relationships are suffering from not effectively having difficult conversations and developing emotional intelligence? What’s being hindered in your personal life or career growth because of unresolved conflict? Do you sometimes feel unheard or unable to communicate your feelings in emotionally charged environments? How often do you feel overwhelmed and unprepared to have that critical conversation? Have you ever had to walk away from a difficult conversation with your boss, co-worker, or spouse overwhelmed, knowing it could’ve gone differently? The inability to communicate with confidence may be greatly hindering your success. Through our digital resources, you will: 1) Acquire no-fluff targeted training with real life solutions. 2) Overcome in-your-face obstacles on your path to success. 3) Build your influence to maximize your impact in your life and career.