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2 people training suggesting the question Can emotional intelligence be learned?
Can Emotional Intelligence Be Learned?

Emotional intelligence is something that not only can be learned—it is something that should be learned. Wondering what emotional intelligence or EQ looks like practically? EQ can be broken down into 5 main components: self-awareness, personal motivation, empathy, self-regulation, and social skills.

Picture of couple arguing suggesting the topic of emotional intelligence in marriage
Why Emotional Intelligence is Important for Your Marriage

Marriage is not only about a commitment to learning one another’s perspective, it is about honoring one another through the differences. This article is about why emotional intelligence in marriage is critical to a long and happy relationship and how to develop it.

How Emotional Intelligence Helps Leaders
How Emotional Intelligence Helps Leaders

Since leadership is predominately about influence, a leader looking to grow will need to learn how to become better at positively influencing the people they lead. Here is how emotional intelligence helps leaders.

An image of a picture with a lot of roots suggesting the idea of the roots of healthy conflict.
Why Conflict Will Always Repeat Itself

Healthy conflict often represents an opportunity for growth and greater understanding. It is not the conflict that presents the biggest challenge, it how we process through and react to the conflict that gets us into trouble. Here we explore healthy conflict in more detail as well as unhealthy conflict.

Structure of human body suggesting the idea of what happens internally when Facing Conflict
When Facing Conflict—Shut up or Blowup?

When conversations get heated or start to derail, it is easy to feel like you are stuck between a rock and a hard place. Most human beings, when cornered by a situation or person—favor two options. They shut up, or they blow up. Why is that?

What We Can Learn from Olympic Athletes
What We Can Learn from Olympic Athletes

We have a lot to learn about thriving under pressure from this year’s Olympic athletes—and it isn’t limited to an elite group. Here in this video we look at the role emotions play in difficult situations and what you can do about it.

How to Handle Difficult Personalities

Here we share four key attributes that make people difficult to work with. Recognizing these key attributes will not only help you diagnose where relationships are going wrong—it will help you build the skills to work through those attributes effectively. Watch our latest video series to learn more.