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What Makes Ember Learning So Different?

When it comes to facing the challenges of personal and career life, many people are overwhelmed, not knowing where to start on the pathway of growth. In the clamor of the self-help / personal growth world, Ember Learning stands out to help you understand exactly the next steps to take in overcoming present and future obstacles, fast-tracking your personal and career growth.

We know how hard it is to practically and efficiently acquire the skills you need to navigate your life and career. We have helped hundreds of individuals and companies over 24+ years of professional consulting develop and maximize their potential. Every step forward means new opportunities, greater marketability in a crowded market, and an enhanced vision for success.

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The Ember Learning team is led by John Chisholm, a professional consultant to leading businesses and Top 10 Accounting Firms for 24 years. Over that time, he’s helped individuals, teams, and organizations identify the obstacles to personal and professional growth and catapulted them into new benchmarks of success.

John is adept at recognizing individual and team obstacles that inhibit growth, and equips leaders manage their emotions, teams, and organizations with excellence. Leveraging his experience helping hundreds of teams get past seemingly impossible impasses, John will give you proven strategies to have and become a master at things like having difficult conversations and developing emotional intelligence, corporate culture, time management, emotional intelligence, facilitation training, and much more. Then, you’ll be equipped to face personal and career obstacles that hinder growth. As you overcome obstacles, you will be on your way to maximizing your life and career impact and primed for future success.

In our digital training, you will: 1) Acquire no-fluff targeted training with real life solutions. 2) Overcome in-your-face obstacles on your path to success. 3) Build your influence to maximize your impact in your life and career.

We all want to make an impact and succeed in life, but are faced with many challenges and obstacles. If we don’t get targeted training to meet the challenges of today we won’t be ready for the obstacles we’re constantly facing. Once you overcome the present roadblocks in your path, you’ll be ready to face greater challenges that will surely come as you advance in your career. Individuals that prioritize their own growth win. Register for our FREE training today and spend one hour with us. Why? Because today’s obstacles are meant to become tomorrow’s victories.


We believe if we can manage
what’s happening in us, and not just to us –
we will see rapid growth personally and together.



Brian Gates
Top Grade Construction

“John literally changed the trajectory of my life and career track, helping me a better leader, manager, teammate, even a better husband and father! The importance of learning how to manage my heart and not shy away from difficult conversations has had an impact on me that literally can’t be overestimated.”

Anthony Clervi
UNA Purchasing Solutions

“John’s sessions were incredibly impactful to me. He helped me professionally and also personally, so that my relationships have been dramatically transformed. His proven strategies were dynamic and principled and I have seen tangible results from implementing them in my life and business.”

Tyler Luedke
UNA Purchasing Solutions
Sales Rep

“I’ve been to other trainings and left feeling bored, disconnected, and overwhelmed by impractical information. You can tell John isn’t just in theory-world, but has amazing and often funny stories that give practical solutions for the real problems I’m facing. His coaching has created a hunger in me to learn and grow more.”

How many important relationships are suffering from not effectively having difficult conversations and developing emotional intelligence? What’s being hindered in your personal life or career growth because of unresolved conflict?

Do you sometimes feel unheard or unable to communicate your feelings in emotionally charged environments? How often do you feel overwhelmed and unprepared to have that critical conversation? Have you ever had to walk away from a difficult conversation with your boss, co-worker, or spouse overwhelmed, knowing it could’ve gone differently? The inability to communicate with confidence may be greatly hindering your success.


Ember Learning exists to equip leaders to manage the heart, the emotions, and the relational capabilities to be more effective.

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